Complete Maintenance Solution
For Outdoor & Indoor Advertising

Who We Are

JAMinc. (Justice Advertising Management) is a full-service billboard maintenance company headquarted in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Our company offers a variety of services for all your outdoor and indoor advertising needs. Boasting an extensive service base ranging from bulletins and digitals, to 8-sheets, posters and wallscapes, Justice Advertising Management has been providing customer satisfaction for over 25 years. With a presence in many of the largest markets across the United States, Justice Advertising Management understands that a smart business like yours capitalizes on maximum exposure by advertising. Justice Advertising Management has the expertise and knowledge necessary to install and service your local or national advertising needs...successfully!

What We Do

JAM not only installs some of the most successful advertisements available, but we also take on the task of maintaining the structures that the ads are on. We have trained professionals who inspect every one of our installed advertisements, big or small, and run a regular maintenance routine every quarter. We also provide inspections after large storms or hurricanes and can repair damage that might have occurred, which in unpredictable weather can truly be an ad-saver. We are certified to upgrade existing billboard signs to fit the OSHA Safety regulations, and are very well experienced with posting and vinyl rotation.

Our capabilities extend beyond this to include painting, catwalk repairs and maintenance. We have the knowledge and skill to install and maintain hardware for super graphics aka wallscapes, directories, street furniture, kiosks and banners. To improve the noticeability of ads, we can provide line-of-sight enhancement for structures. This may include tree trimming and shaping, brush removing, mowing, weed eating, hauling off debris and even tree removal if need be. JAM, Inc. can also handle city code enforcements to ensure that your business's advertisements do not incur a violation.

Other unforseen incidents are also taken care of at Justice Advertising Management, such as bird control, insect infestation, and power washing for particularly messy areas.

We also install hardware and advertisements correctly and professionally. We install wallscapes, directories or back lit displays, street furniture, kiosks and banners.